Source code for spack.util.gcs

# Copyright 2013-2024 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

This file contains the definition of the GCS Blob storage Class used to
integrate GCS Blob storage with spack buildcache.

import os
import sys
import urllib.parse
import urllib.response
from urllib.error import URLError
from urllib.request import BaseHandler

import llnl.util.tty as tty

[docs] def gcs_client(): """Create a GCS client Creates an authenticated GCS client to access GCS buckets and blobs """ try: import google.auth from import storage except ImportError as ex: tty.error( "{0}, google-cloud-storage python module is missing.".format(ex) + " Please install to use the gs:// backend." ) sys.exit(1) storage_credentials, storage_project = google.auth.default() storage_client = storage.Client(storage_project, storage_credentials) return storage_client
[docs] class GCSBucket: """GCS Bucket Object Create a wrapper object for a GCS Bucket. Provides methods to wrap spack related tasks, such as destroy. """ def __init__(self, url, client=None): """Constructor for GCSBucket objects Args: url (str): The url pointing to the GCS bucket to build an object out of client ( A pre-defined storage client that will be used to access the GCS bucket. """ if url.scheme != "gs": raise ValueError( "Can not create GCS bucket connection with scheme {SCHEME}".format( SCHEME=url.scheme ) ) self.url = url = self.url.netloc if self.url.path[0] == "/": self.prefix = self.url.path[1:] else: self.prefix = self.url.path self.client = client or gcs_client() self.bucket = None tty.debug("New GCS bucket:") tty.debug(" name: {0}".format( tty.debug(" prefix: {0}".format(self.prefix))
[docs] def exists(self): from import NotFound if not self.bucket: try: self.bucket = self.client.bucket( except NotFound as ex: tty.error("{0}, Failed check for bucket existence".format(ex)) sys.exit(1) return self.bucket is not None
[docs] def create(self): if not self.bucket: self.bucket = self.client.create_bucket(
[docs] def get_blob(self, blob_path): if self.exists(): return self.bucket.get_blob(blob_path) return None
[docs] def blob(self, blob_path): if self.exists(): return self.bucket.blob(blob_path) return None
[docs] def get_all_blobs(self, recursive=True, relative=True): """Get a list of all blobs Returns a list of all blobs within this bucket. Args: relative: If true (default), print blob paths relative to 'build_cache' directory. If false, print absolute blob paths (useful for destruction of bucket) """ tty.debug("Getting GCS blobs... Recurse {0} -- Rel: {1}".format(recursive, relative)) converter = str if relative: converter = self._relative_blob_name if self.exists(): all_blobs = self.bucket.list_blobs(prefix=self.prefix) blob_list = [] base_dirs = len(self.prefix.split("/")) + 1 for blob in all_blobs: if not recursive: num_dirs = len("/")) if num_dirs <= base_dirs: blob_list.append(converter( else: blob_list.append(converter( return blob_list
def _relative_blob_name(self, blob_name): return os.path.relpath(blob_name, self.prefix)
[docs] def destroy(self, recursive=False, **kwargs): """Bucket destruction method Deletes all blobs within the bucket, and then deletes the bucket itself. Uses GCS Batch operations to bundle several delete operations together. """ from import NotFound tty.debug("Bucket.destroy(recursive={0})".format(recursive)) try: bucket_blobs = self.get_all_blobs(recursive=recursive, relative=False) batch_size = 1000 num_blobs = len(bucket_blobs) for i in range(0, num_blobs, batch_size): with self.client.batch(): for j in range(i, min(i + batch_size, num_blobs)): blob = self.blob(bucket_blobs[j]) blob.delete() except NotFound as ex: tty.error("{0}, Could not delete a blob in bucket {1}.".format(ex, sys.exit(1)
[docs] class GCSBlob: """GCS Blob object Wraps some blob methods for spack functionality """ def __init__(self, url, client=None): self.url = url if url.scheme != "gs": raise ValueError( "Can not create GCS blob connection with scheme: {SCHEME}".format( SCHEME=url.scheme ) ) self.client = client or gcs_client() self.bucket = GCSBucket(url) self.blob_path = self.url.path.lstrip("/") tty.debug("New GCSBlob") tty.debug(" blob_path = {0}".format(self.blob_path)) if not self.bucket.exists(): tty.warn("The bucket {0} does not exist, it will be created".format( self.bucket.create()
[docs] def get(self): return self.bucket.get_blob(self.blob_path)
[docs] def exists(self): from import NotFound try: blob = self.bucket.blob(self.blob_path) exists = blob.exists() except NotFound: return False return exists
[docs] def delete_blob(self): from import NotFound try: blob = self.bucket.blob(self.blob_path) blob.delete() except NotFound as ex: tty.error("{0}, Could not delete gcs blob {1}".format(ex, self.blob_path))
[docs] def upload_to_blob(self, local_file_path): blob = self.bucket.blob(self.blob_path) blob.upload_from_filename(local_file_path)
[docs] def get_blob_byte_stream(self): return self.bucket.get_blob(self.blob_path).open(mode="rb")
[docs] def get_blob_headers(self): blob = self.bucket.get_blob(self.blob_path) headers = { "Content-type": blob.content_type, "Content-encoding": blob.content_encoding, "Content-language": blob.content_language, "MD5Hash": blob.md5_hash, } return headers
[docs] def gcs_open(req, *args, **kwargs): """Open a reader stream to a blob object on GCS""" url = urllib.parse.urlparse(req.get_full_url()) gcsblob = GCSBlob(url) if not gcsblob.exists(): raise URLError("GCS blob {0} does not exist".format(gcsblob.blob_path)) stream = gcsblob.get_blob_byte_stream() headers = gcsblob.get_blob_headers() return urllib.response.addinfourl(stream, headers, url)
[docs] class GCSHandler(BaseHandler):
[docs] def gs_open(self, req): return gcs_open(req)