SourceforgePackage is a mixin-class. It automatically sets the URL based on a list of Sourceforge mirrors listed in sourceforge_mirror_path, which defaults to a half dozen known mirrors. Refer to the package source ( for the current list of mirrors used by Spack.


This package provides a method for populating mirror URLs.


This method returns a list of possible URLs for package source. It is decorated with property so its results are treated as a package attribute.

Refer to for information on how Spack uses the urls attribute during fetching.


This helper package can be added to your package by adding it as a base class of your package and defining the relative location of an archive file for one version of your software.

 class MyPackage(AutotoolsPackage, SourceforgePackage):
     sourceforge_mirror_path = "my-package/mypackage.1.0.0.tar.gz"

Over 40 packages are using SourceforcePackage this mix-in as of July 2022 so there are multiple packages to choose from if you want to see a real example.