Source code for spack.test.cmd.is_git_repo

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

from __future__ import print_function

import os
import sys

import pytest

from llnl.util.filesystem import mkdirp

import spack
from spack.util.executable import which
from spack.version import ver

git = which("git")
git_required_version = '2.17.0'

[docs]def check_git_version(): """Check if git version is new enough for worktree functionality. Return True if requirements are met. The latest required functionality is `worktree remove` which was only added in 2.17.0. Refer: """ git_version = spack.fetch_strategy.GitFetchStrategy.version_from_git(git) return git_version >= ver(git_required_version)
pytestmark = pytest.mark.skipif( not git or not check_git_version(), reason="we need git to test if we are in a git repo" )
[docs]@pytest.fixture(scope="function") def git_tmp_worktree(tmpdir): """Create new worktree in a temporary folder and monkeypatch spack.paths.prefix to point to it. """ # TODO: This is fragile and should be high priority for # follow up fixes. 27021 # Path length is occasionally too long on Windows # the following reduces the path length to acceptable levels if sys.platform == 'win32': long_pth = str(tmpdir).split(os.path.sep) tmp_worktree = os.path.sep.join(long_pth[:-1]) else: tmp_worktree = str(tmpdir) worktree_root = os.path.sep.join([tmp_worktree, "wrktree"]) mkdirp(worktree_root) git("worktree", "add", "--detach", worktree_root, "HEAD") yield worktree_root git("worktree", "remove", "--force", worktree_root)
[docs]def test_is_git_repo_in_worktree(git_tmp_worktree): """Verify that spack.cmd.spack_is_git_repo() can identify a git repository in a worktree. """ assert spack.cmd.is_git_repo(git_tmp_worktree)
[docs]def test_spack_is_git_repo_nongit(tmpdir, monkeypatch): """Verify that spack.cmd.spack_is_git_repo() correctly returns False if we are in a non-git directory. """ assert not spack.cmd.is_git_repo(str(tmpdir))