Source code for spack.test.cmd.diff

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

import sys

import pytest

import spack.cmd.diff
import spack.config
import spack.main
import spack.util.spack_json as sjson

install_cmd = spack.main.SpackCommand('install')
diff_cmd = spack.main.SpackCommand('diff')
find_cmd = spack.main.SpackCommand('find')

[docs]def test_diff_cmd(install_mockery, mock_fetch, mock_archive, mock_packages): """Test that we can install two packages and diff them""" specA = spack.spec.Spec('mpileaks').concretized() specB = spack.spec.Spec('mpileaks+debug').concretized() # Specs should be the same as themselves c = spack.cmd.diff.compare_specs(specA, specA, to_string=True) assert len(c['a_not_b']) == 0 assert len(c['b_not_a']) == 0 # Calculate the comparison (c) c = spack.cmd.diff.compare_specs(specA, specB, to_string=True) # these particular diffs should have the same length b/c thre aren't # any node differences -- just value differences. assert len(c['a_not_b']) == len(c['b_not_a']) # ensure that variant diffs are in here the result assert ['variant_value', 'mpileaks debug False'] in c['a_not_b'] assert ['variant_value', 'mpileaks debug True'] in c['b_not_a'] # ensure that hash diffs are in here the result assert ['hash', 'mpileaks %s' % specA.dag_hash()] in c['a_not_b'] assert ['hash', 'mpileaks %s' % specB.dag_hash()] in c['b_not_a']
[docs]@pytest.mark.skipif(sys.platform == 'win32', reason="Not supported on Windows (yet)") def test_load_first(install_mockery, mock_fetch, mock_archive, mock_packages): """Test with and without the --first option""" install_cmd('mpileaks') # Only one version of mpileaks will work diff_cmd('mpileaks', 'mpileaks') # 2 specs are required for a diff with pytest.raises(spack.main.SpackCommandError): diff_cmd('mpileaks') with pytest.raises(spack.main.SpackCommandError): diff_cmd('mpileaks', 'mpileaks', 'mpileaks') # Ensure they are the same assert "No differences" in diff_cmd('mpileaks', 'mpileaks') output = diff_cmd('--json', 'mpileaks', 'mpileaks') result = sjson.load(output) assert not result['a_not_b'] assert not result['b_not_a'] assert 'mpileaks' in result['a_name'] assert 'mpileaks' in result['b_name'] # spot check attributes in the intersection to ensure they describe the spec assert "intersect" in result assert all(["node", dep] in result["intersect"] for dep in ( "mpileaks", "callpath", "dyninst", "libelf", "libdwarf", "mpich" )) assert all( len([diff for diff in result["intersect"] if diff[0] == attr]) == 6 for attr in ( "version", "node_target", "node_platform", "node_os", "node_compiler", "node_compiler_version", "node", "hash", ) ) # After we install another version, it should ask us to disambiguate install_cmd('mpileaks+debug') # There are two versions of mpileaks with pytest.raises(spack.main.SpackCommandError): diff_cmd('mpileaks', 'mpileaks+debug') # But if we tell it to use the first, it won't try to disambiguate assert "variant" in diff_cmd('--first', 'mpileaks', 'mpileaks+debug') # This matches them exactly debug_hash = find_cmd('--format', '{hash}', 'mpileaks+debug').strip() no_debug_hashes = find_cmd('--format', '{hash}', 'mpileaks~debug') no_debug_hash = no_debug_hashes.split()[0] output = diff_cmd("--json", "mpileaks/{0}".format(debug_hash), "mpileaks/{0}".format(no_debug_hash)) result = sjson.load(output) assert ['hash', 'mpileaks %s' % debug_hash] in result['a_not_b'] assert ['variant_value', 'mpileaks debug True'] in result['a_not_b'] assert ['hash', 'mpileaks %s' % no_debug_hash] in result['b_not_a'] assert ['variant_value', 'mpileaks debug False'] in result['b_not_a']