Source code for spack.operating_systems.cray_frontend

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

import contextlib
import os
import re

import llnl.util.filesystem as fs
import llnl.util.lang
import llnl.util.tty as tty

from spack.util.environment import get_path
from spack.util.module_cmd import module

from .linux_distro import LinuxDistro

[docs]@contextlib.contextmanager def unload_programming_environment(): """Context manager that unloads Cray Programming Environments.""" env_bu = None # We rely on the fact that the PrgEnv-* modules set the PE_ENV # environment variable. if 'PE_ENV' in os.environ: # Copy environment variables to restore them after the compiler # detection. We expect that the only thing PrgEnv-* modules do is # the environment variables modifications. env_bu = os.environ.copy() # Get the name of the module from the environment variable. prg_env = 'PrgEnv-' + os.environ['PE_ENV'].lower() # Unload the PrgEnv-* module. By doing this we intentionally # provoke errors when the Cray's compiler wrappers are executed # (Error: A PrgEnv-* modulefile must be loaded.) so they will not # be detected as valid compilers by the overridden method. We also # expect that the modules that add the actual compilers' binaries # into the PATH environment variable (i.e. the following modules: # 'intel', 'cce', 'gcc', etc.) will also be unloaded since they are # specified as prerequisites in the PrgEnv-* modulefiles. module('unload', prg_env) yield # Restore the environment. if env_bu is not None: os.environ.clear() os.environ.update(env_bu)
[docs]class CrayFrontend(LinuxDistro): """Represents OS that runs on login and service nodes of the Cray platform. It acts as a regular Linux without Cray-specific modules and compiler wrappers.""" @property def compiler_search_paths(self): """Calls the default function but unloads Cray's programming environments first. This prevents from detecting Cray compiler wrappers and avoids possible false detections. """ import spack.compilers with unload_programming_environment(): search_paths = get_path('PATH') extract_path_re = re.compile(r'prepend-path[\s]*PATH[\s]*([/\w\.:-]*)') for compiler_cls in spack.compilers.all_compiler_types(): # Check if the compiler class is supported on Cray prg_env = getattr(compiler_cls, 'PrgEnv', None) compiler_module = getattr(compiler_cls, 'PrgEnv_compiler', None) if not (prg_env and compiler_module): continue # It is supported, check which versions are available output = module('avail', compiler_cls.PrgEnv_compiler) version_regex = r'({0})/([\d\.]+[\d]-?[\w]*)'.format( compiler_cls.PrgEnv_compiler ) matches = re.findall(version_regex, output) versions = tuple(version for _, version in matches if 'classic' not in version) # Now inspect the modules and add to paths msg = "[CRAY FE] Detected FE compiler [name={0}, versions={1}]" tty.debug(msg.format(compiler_module, versions)) for v in versions: try: current_module = compiler_module + '/' + v out = module('show', current_module) match = search_paths +=':') except Exception as e: msg = ("[CRAY FE] An unexpected error occurred while " "detecting FE compiler [compiler={0}, " " version={1}, error={2}]") tty.debug(msg.format(, v, str(e))) search_paths = list(llnl.util.lang.dedupe(search_paths)) return fs.search_paths_for_executables(*search_paths)