Source code for spack.modules.tcl

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

"""This module implements the classes necessary to generate TCL
non-hierarchical modules.
import posixpath
import string
from typing import Any, Dict  # novm

import llnl.util.tty as tty

import spack.config
import spack.projections as proj
import spack.tengine as tengine

from .common import BaseConfiguration, BaseContext, BaseFileLayout, BaseModuleFileWriter

#: TCL specific part of the configuration
[docs]def configuration(module_set_name): config_path = 'modules:%s:tcl' % module_set_name config = spack.config.get(config_path, {}) if not config and module_set_name == 'default': # return old format for backward compatibility return spack.config.get('modules:tcl', {}) return config
# Caches the configuration {spec_hash: configuration} configuration_registry = {} # type: Dict[str, Any]
[docs]def make_configuration(spec, module_set_name): """Returns the tcl configuration for spec""" key = (spec.dag_hash(), module_set_name) try: return configuration_registry[key] except KeyError: return configuration_registry.setdefault( key, TclConfiguration(spec, module_set_name))
[docs]def make_layout(spec, module_set_name): """Returns the layout information for spec """ conf = make_configuration(spec, module_set_name) return TclFileLayout(conf)
[docs]def make_context(spec, module_set_name): """Returns the context information for spec""" conf = make_configuration(spec, module_set_name) return TclContext(conf)
[docs]class TclConfiguration(BaseConfiguration): """Configuration class for tcl module files.""" @property def conflicts(self): """Conflicts for this module file""" return self.conf.get('conflict', [])
[docs]class TclFileLayout(BaseFileLayout): """File layout for tcl module files."""
[docs]class TclContext(BaseContext): """Context class for tcl module files.""" @tengine.context_property def prerequisites(self): """List of modules that needs to be loaded automatically.""" return self._create_module_list_of('specs_to_prereq') @tengine.context_property def conflicts(self): """List of conflicts for the tcl module file.""" fmts = [] projection = proj.get_projection(self.conf.projections, self.spec) f = string.Formatter() for item in self.conf.conflicts: if len([x for x in f.parse(item)]) > 1: for naming_dir, conflict_dir in zip( projection.split('/'), item.split('/') ): if naming_dir != conflict_dir: message = 'conflict scheme does not match naming ' message += 'scheme [{spec}]\n\n' message += 'naming scheme : "{nformat}"\n' message += 'conflict scheme : "{cformat}"\n\n' message += '** You may want to check your ' message += '`modules.yaml` configuration file **\n' tty.error(message.format(spec=self.spec, nformat=projection, cformat=item)) raise SystemExit('Module generation aborted.') item = self.spec.format(item) fmts.append(item) # Substitute spec tokens if present return [self.spec.format(x) for x in fmts]
[docs]class TclModulefileWriter(BaseModuleFileWriter): """Writer class for tcl module files.""" # Note: Posixpath is used here as opposed to # os.path.join due to spack.spec.Spec.format # requiring forward slash path seperators at this stage default_template = posixpath.join('modules', 'modulefile.tcl')