Source code for spack.container.writers

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)
"""Writers for different kind of recipes and related
convenience functions.
import collections
import copy

import spack.environment as ev
import spack.schema.env
import spack.tengine as tengine
import spack.util.spack_yaml as syaml
from spack.container.images import (

#: Caches all the writers that are currently supported
_writer_factory = {}

[docs]def writer(name): """Decorator to register a factory for a recipe writer. Each factory should take a configuration dictionary and return a properly configured writer that, when called, prints the corresponding recipe. """ def _decorator(factory): _writer_factory[name] = factory return factory return _decorator
[docs]def create(configuration, last_phase=None): """Returns a writer that conforms to the configuration passed as input. Args: configuration (dict): how to generate the current recipe last_phase (str): last phase to be printed or None to print them all """ name = ev.config_dict(configuration)['container']['format'] return _writer_factory[name](configuration, last_phase)
[docs]def recipe(configuration, last_phase=None): """Returns a recipe that conforms to the configuration passed as input. Args: configuration (dict): how to generate the current recipe last_phase (str): last phase to be printed or None to print them all """ return create(configuration, last_phase)()
def _stage_base_images(images_config): """Return a tuple with the base images to be used at the various stages. Args: images_config (dict): configuration under container:images """ # If we have custom base images, just return them verbatim. build_stage = images_config.get('build', None) if build_stage: final_stage = images_config['final'] return None, build_stage, final_stage # Check the operating system: this will be the base of the bootstrap # stage, if there, and of the final stage. operating_system = images_config.get('os', None) # Check the OS is mentioned in the internal data stored in a JSON file images_json = data()['images'] if not any(os_name == operating_system for os_name in images_json): msg = ('invalid operating system name "{0}". ' '[Allowed values are {1}]') msg = msg.format(operating_system, ', '.join(data()['images'])) raise ValueError(msg) # Retrieve the build stage spack_info = images_config['spack'] if isinstance(spack_info, dict): build_stage = 'bootstrap' else: spack_version = images_config['spack'] image_name, tag = build_info(operating_system, spack_version) build_stage = 'bootstrap' if image_name: build_stage = ':'.join([image_name, tag]) # Retrieve the bootstrap stage bootstrap_stage = None if build_stage == 'bootstrap': bootstrap_stage = images_json[operating_system]['bootstrap'].get( 'image', operating_system ) # Retrieve the final stage final_stage = images_json[operating_system].get( 'final', {'image': operating_system} )['image'] return bootstrap_stage, build_stage, final_stage def _spack_checkout_config(images_config): spack_info = images_config['spack'] url = '' ref = 'develop' resolve_sha, verify = False, False # Config specific values may override defaults if isinstance(spack_info, dict): url = spack_info.get('url', url) ref = spack_info.get('ref', ref) resolve_sha = spack_info.get('resolve_sha', resolve_sha) verify = spack_info.get('verify', verify) else: ref = spack_info return url, ref, resolve_sha, verify
[docs]class PathContext(tengine.Context): """Generic context used to instantiate templates of recipes that install software in a common location and make it available directly via PATH. """ def __init__(self, config, last_phase): self.config = ev.config_dict(config) self.container_config = self.config['container'] # Operating system tag as written in the configuration file self.operating_system_key = self.container_config['images'].get('os') # Get base images and verify the OS bootstrap, build, final = _stage_base_images( self.container_config['images'] ) self.bootstrap_image = bootstrap self.build_image = build self.final_image = final # Record the last phase self.last_phase = last_phase @tengine.context_property def run(self): """Information related to the run image.""" Run = collections.namedtuple('Run', ['image']) return Run(image=self.final_image) @tengine.context_property def build(self): """Information related to the build image.""" Build = collections.namedtuple('Build', ['image']) return Build(image=self.build_image) @tengine.context_property def strip(self): """Whether or not to strip binaries in the image""" return self.container_config.get('strip', True) @tengine.context_property def paths(self): """Important paths in the image""" Paths = collections.namedtuple('Paths', [ 'environment', 'store', 'hidden_view', 'view' ]) return Paths( environment='/opt/spack-environment', store='/opt/software', hidden_view='/opt/._view', view='/opt/view' ) @tengine.context_property def monitor(self): """Enable using spack monitor during build.""" Monitor = collections.namedtuple('Monitor', [ 'enabled', 'host', 'prefix', 'keep_going', 'tags' ]) monitor = self.config.get("monitor") # If we don't have a monitor group, cut out early. if not monitor: return Monitor(False, None, None, None, None) return Monitor( enabled=True, host=monitor.get('host'), prefix=monitor.get('prefix'), keep_going=monitor.get("keep_going"), tags=monitor.get('tags') ) @tengine.context_property def manifest(self): """The spack.yaml file that should be used in the image""" import jsonschema # Copy in the part of spack.yaml prescribed in the configuration file manifest = copy.deepcopy(self.config) manifest.pop('container') if "monitor" in manifest: manifest.pop("monitor") # Ensure that a few paths are where they need to be manifest.setdefault('config', syaml.syaml_dict()) manifest['config']['install_tree'] = manifest['view'] = self.paths.view manifest = {'spack': manifest} # Validate the manifest file jsonschema.validate(manifest, schema=spack.schema.env.schema) return syaml.dump(manifest, default_flow_style=False).strip() @tengine.context_property def os_packages_final(self): """Additional system packages that are needed at run-time.""" return self._os_packages_for_stage('final') @tengine.context_property def os_packages_build(self): """Additional system packages that are needed at build-time.""" return self._os_packages_for_stage('build') @tengine.context_property def os_package_update(self): """Whether or not to update the OS package manager cache.""" os_packages = self.container_config.get('os_packages', {}) return os_packages.get('update', True) def _os_packages_for_stage(self, stage): os_packages = self.container_config.get('os_packages', {}) package_list = os_packages.get(stage, None) return self._package_info_from(package_list) def _package_info_from(self, package_list): """Helper method to pack a list of packages with the additional information required by the template. Args: package_list: list of packages Returns: Enough information to know how to update the cache, install a list opf packages, and clean in the end. """ if not package_list: return package_list image_config = self.container_config['images'] image = image_config.get('build', None) if image is None: os_pkg_manager = os_package_manager_for(image_config['os']) else: os_pkg_manager = self.container_config['os_packages']['command'] update, install, clean = commands_for(os_pkg_manager) Packages = collections.namedtuple( 'Packages', ['update', 'install', 'list', 'clean'] ) return Packages(update=update, install=install, list=package_list, clean=clean) @tengine.context_property def extra_instructions(self): Extras = collections.namedtuple('Extra', ['build', 'final']) extras = self.container_config.get('extra_instructions', {}) build, final = extras.get('build', None), extras.get('final', None) return Extras(build=build, final=final) @tengine.context_property def labels(self): return self.container_config.get('labels', {}) @tengine.context_property def bootstrap(self): """Information related to the build image.""" images_config = self.container_config['images'] bootstrap_recipe = None if self.bootstrap_image: config_args = _spack_checkout_config(images_config) command = checkout_command(*config_args) template_path = bootstrap_template_for(self.operating_system_key) env = tengine.make_environment() context = {"bootstrap": { "image": self.bootstrap_image, "spack_checkout": command }} bootstrap_recipe = env.get_template(template_path).render(**context) Bootstrap = collections.namedtuple('Bootstrap', ['image', 'recipe']) return Bootstrap(image=self.bootstrap_image, recipe=bootstrap_recipe) @tengine.context_property def render_phase(self): render_bootstrap = bool(self.bootstrap_image) render_build = not (self.last_phase == 'bootstrap') render_final = self.last_phase in (None, 'final') Render = collections.namedtuple( 'Render', ['bootstrap', 'build', 'final'] ) return Render( bootstrap=render_bootstrap, build=render_build, final=render_final ) def __call__(self): """Returns the recipe as a string""" env = tengine.make_environment() t = env.get_template(self.template_name) return t.render(**self.to_dict())
# Import after function definition all the modules in this package, # so that registration of writers will happen automatically import spack.container.writers.singularity # noqa import spack.container.writers.docker # noqa