Source code for spack.compilers.pgi

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

import os

from spack.compiler import Compiler, UnsupportedCompilerFlag
from spack.version import ver

[docs]class Pgi(Compiler): # Subclasses use possible names of C compiler cc_names = ['pgcc'] # Subclasses use possible names of C++ compiler cxx_names = ['pgc++', 'pgCC'] # Subclasses use possible names of Fortran 77 compiler f77_names = ['pgfortran', 'pgf77'] # Subclasses use possible names of Fortran 90 compiler fc_names = ['pgfortran', 'pgf95', 'pgf90'] # Named wrapper links within build_env_path link_paths = {'cc': os.path.join('pgi', 'pgcc'), 'cxx': os.path.join('pgi', 'pgc++'), 'f77': os.path.join('pgi', 'pgfortran'), 'fc': os.path.join('pgi', 'pgfortran')} PrgEnv = 'PrgEnv-pgi' PrgEnv_compiler = 'pgi' version_argument = '-V' ignore_version_errors = [2] # `pgcc -V` on PowerPC annoyingly returns 2 version_regex = r'pg[^ ]* ([0-9.]+)-[0-9]+ (LLVM )?[^ ]+ target on ' @property def verbose_flag(self): return "-v" @property def debug_flags(self): return ['-g', '-gopt'] @property def opt_flags(self): return ['-O', '-O0', '-O1', '-O2', '-O3', '-O4'] @property def openmp_flag(self): return "-mp" @property def cxx11_flag(self): return "-std=c++11" @property def cc_pic_flag(self): return "-fpic" @property def cxx_pic_flag(self): return "-fpic" @property def f77_pic_flag(self): return "-fpic" @property def fc_pic_flag(self): return "-fpic" required_libs = ['libpgc', 'libpgf90'] @property def c99_flag(self): if self.real_version >= ver('12.10'): return '-c99' raise UnsupportedCompilerFlag(self, 'the C99 standard', 'c99_flag', '< 12.10') @property def c11_flag(self): if self.real_version >= ver('15.3'): return '-c11' raise UnsupportedCompilerFlag(self, 'the C11 standard', 'c11_flag', '< 15.3') @property def stdcxx_libs(self): return ('-pgc++libs',)