Source code for spack.cmd.view

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

'''Produce a "view" of a Spack DAG.

A "view" is file hierarchy representing the union of a number of
Spack-installed package file hierarchies.  The union is formed from:

- specs resolved from the package names given by the user (the seeds)

- all dependencies of the seeds unless user specifies `--no-dependencies`

- less any specs with names matching the regular expressions given by

The `view` can be built and tore down via a number of methods (the "actions"):

- symlink :: a file system view which is a directory hierarchy that is
  the union of the hierarchies of the installed packages in the DAG
  where installed files are referenced via symlinks.

- hardlink :: like the symlink view but hardlinks are used.

- statlink :: a view producing a status report of a symlink or
  hardlink view.

The file system view concept is imspired by Nix, implemented by ca 2016.

All operations on views are performed via proxy objects such as

import llnl.util.tty as tty
from llnl.util.link_tree import MergeConflictError
from llnl.util.tty.color import colorize

import spack.cmd
import spack.environment as ev
import spack.schema.projections
from spack.config import validate
from spack.filesystem_view import YamlFilesystemView, view_func_parser
from spack.util import spack_yaml as s_yaml

description = "project packages to a compact naming scheme on the filesystem."
section = "environments"
level = "short"

actions_link = ["symlink", "add", "soft", "hardlink", "hard", "copy",
actions_remove = ["remove", "rm"]
actions_status = ["statlink", "status", "check"]

[docs]def disambiguate_in_view(specs, view): """ When dealing with querying actions (remove/status) we only need to disambiguate among specs in the view """ view_specs = set(view.get_all_specs()) def squash(matching_specs): if not matching_specs: tty.die("Spec matches no installed packages.") matching_in_view = [ms for ms in matching_specs if ms in view_specs] if len(matching_in_view) > 1: spec_format = '{name}{@version}{%compiler}{arch=architecture}' args = ["Spec matches multiple packages.", "Matching packages:"] args += [colorize(" @K{%s} " % s.dag_hash(7)) + s.cformat(spec_format) for s in matching_in_view] args += ["Use a more specific spec."] tty.die(*args) return matching_in_view[0] if matching_in_view else matching_specs[0] # make function always return a list to keep consistency between py2/3 return list(map(squash, map(, specs)))
[docs]def setup_parser(sp): setup_parser.parser = sp sp.add_argument( '-v', '--verbose', action='store_true', default=False, help="If not verbose only warnings/errors will be printed.") sp.add_argument( '-e', '--exclude', action='append', default=[], help="exclude packages with names matching the given regex pattern") sp.add_argument( '-d', '--dependencies', choices=['true', 'false', 'yes', 'no'], default='true', help="Link/remove/list dependencies.") ssp = sp.add_subparsers(metavar='ACTION', dest='action') specs_opts = dict(metavar='spec', action='store', help="seed specs of the packages to view") # The action parameterizes the command but in keeping with Spack # patterns we make it a subcommand. file_system_view_actions = { "symlink": ssp.add_parser( 'symlink', aliases=['add', 'soft'], help='add package files to a filesystem view via symbolic links'), "hardlink": ssp.add_parser( 'hardlink', aliases=['hard'], help='add packages files to a filesystem view via hard links'), "copy": ssp.add_parser( 'copy', aliases=['relocate'], help='add package files to a filesystem view via copy/relocate'), "remove": ssp.add_parser( 'remove', aliases=['rm'], help='remove packages from a filesystem view'), "statlink": ssp.add_parser( 'statlink', aliases=['status', 'check'], help='check status of packages in a filesystem view') } # All these options and arguments are common to every action. for cmd, act in file_system_view_actions.items(): act.add_argument('path', nargs=1, help="path to file system view directory") if cmd in ("symlink", "hardlink", "copy"): # invalid for remove/statlink, for those commands the view needs to # already know its own projections. help_msg = "Initialize view using projections from file." act.add_argument('--projection-file', dest='projection_file', type=spack.cmd.extant_file, help=help_msg) if cmd == "remove": grp = act.add_mutually_exclusive_group(required=True) act.add_argument( '--no-remove-dependents', action="store_true", help="Do not remove dependents of specified specs.") # with all option, spec is an optional argument so = specs_opts.copy() so["nargs"] = "*" so["default"] = [] grp.add_argument('specs', **so) grp.add_argument("-a", "--all", action='store_true', help="act on all specs in view") elif cmd == "statlink": so = specs_opts.copy() so["nargs"] = "*" act.add_argument('specs', **so) else: # without all option, spec is required so = specs_opts.copy() so["nargs"] = "+" act.add_argument('specs', **so) for cmd in ["symlink", "hardlink", "copy"]: act = file_system_view_actions[cmd] act.add_argument("-i", "--ignore-conflicts", action='store_true') return
[docs]def view(parser, args): 'Produce a view of a set of packages.' specs = spack.cmd.parse_specs(args.specs) path = args.path[0] if args.action in actions_link and args.projection_file: # argparse confirms file exists with open(args.projection_file, 'r') as f: projections_data = s_yaml.load(f) validate(projections_data, spack.schema.projections.schema) ordered_projections = projections_data['projections'] else: ordered_projections = {} # What method are we using for this view if args.action in actions_link: link_fn = view_func_parser(args.action) else: link_fn = view_func_parser('symlink') view = YamlFilesystemView( path,, projections=ordered_projections, ignore_conflicts=getattr(args, "ignore_conflicts", False), link=link_fn, verbose=args.verbose) # Process common args and specs if getattr(args, "all", False): specs = view.get_all_specs() if len(specs) == 0: tty.warn("Found no specs in %s" % path) elif args.action in actions_link: # only link commands need to disambiguate specs env = ev.active_environment() specs = [spack.cmd.disambiguate_spec(s, env) for s in specs] elif args.action in actions_status: # no specs implies all if len(specs) == 0: specs = view.get_all_specs() else: specs = disambiguate_in_view(specs, view) else: # status and remove can map a partial spec to packages in view specs = disambiguate_in_view(specs, view) with_dependencies = args.dependencies.lower() in ['true', 'yes'] # Map action to corresponding functionality if args.action in actions_link: try: view.add_specs(*specs, with_dependencies=with_dependencies, exclude=args.exclude) except MergeConflictError:"Some file blocked the merge, adding the '-i' flag will " "ignore this conflict. For more information see e.g. " "") raise elif args.action in actions_remove: view.remove_specs(*specs, with_dependencies=with_dependencies, exclude=args.exclude, with_dependents=not args.no_remove_dependents) elif args.action in actions_status: view.print_status(*specs, with_dependencies=with_dependencies) else: tty.error('Unknown action: "%s"' % args.action)