Source code for spack.cmd.unload

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

import os
import sys

import spack.cmd
import spack.cmd.common.arguments as arguments
import spack.error
import spack.user_environment as uenv
import spack.util.environment

description = "remove package from the user environment"
section = "user environment"
level = "short"

[docs]def setup_parser(subparser): """Parser is only constructed so that this prints a nice help message with -h. """ arguments.add_common_arguments(subparser, ['installed_specs']) shells = subparser.add_mutually_exclusive_group() shells.add_argument( '--sh', action='store_const', dest='shell', const='sh', help="print sh commands to activate the environment") shells.add_argument( '--csh', action='store_const', dest='shell', const='csh', help="print csh commands to activate the environment") shells.add_argument( '--fish', action='store_const', dest='shell', const='fish', help="print fish commands to load the package") shells.add_argument( '--bat', action='store_const', dest='shell', const='bat', help="print bat commands to load the package") subparser.add_argument('-a', '--all', action='store_true', help='unload all loaded Spack packages.')
[docs]def unload(parser, args): """Unload spack packages from the user environment.""" if args.specs and args.all: raise spack.error.SpackError("Cannot specify specs on command line" " when unloading all specs with '--all'") hashes = os.environ.get(uenv.spack_loaded_hashes_var, '').split(':') if args.specs: specs = [spack.cmd.disambiguate_spec_from_hashes(spec, hashes) for spec in spack.cmd.parse_specs(args.specs)] else: specs = if not specs_str = ' '.join(args.specs) or "SPECS" spack.cmd.common.shell_init_instructions( "spack unload", " eval `spack unload {sh_arg}` %s" % specs_str, ) return 1 env_mod = spack.util.environment.EnvironmentModifications() for spec in specs: env_mod.extend( uenv.environment_modifications_for_spec(spec).reversed()) env_mod.remove_path(uenv.spack_loaded_hashes_var, spec.dag_hash()) cmds = env_mod.shell_modifications( sys.stdout.write(cmds)