Source code for spack.cmd.repo

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

from __future__ import print_function

import os
import sys

import llnl.util.tty as tty

import spack.config
import spack.repo
import spack.util.path

description = "manage package source repositories"
section = "config"
level = "long"

[docs]def setup_parser(subparser): sp = subparser.add_subparsers(metavar='SUBCOMMAND', dest='repo_command') scopes = spack.config.scopes() scopes_metavar = spack.config.scopes_metavar # Create create_parser = sp.add_parser('create', help=repo_create.__doc__) create_parser.add_argument( 'directory', help="directory to create the repo in") create_parser.add_argument( 'namespace', help="namespace to identify packages in the repository. " "defaults to the directory name", nargs='?') # List list_parser = sp.add_parser('list', help=repo_list.__doc__) list_parser.add_argument( '--scope', choices=scopes, metavar=scopes_metavar, default=spack.config.default_list_scope(), help="configuration scope to read from") # Add add_parser = sp.add_parser('add', help=repo_add.__doc__) add_parser.add_argument( 'path', help="path to a Spack package repository directory") add_parser.add_argument( '--scope', choices=scopes, metavar=scopes_metavar, default=spack.config.default_modify_scope(), help="configuration scope to modify") # Remove remove_parser = sp.add_parser( 'remove', help=repo_remove.__doc__, aliases=['rm']) remove_parser.add_argument( 'namespace_or_path', help="namespace or path of a Spack package repository") remove_parser.add_argument( '--scope', choices=scopes, metavar=scopes_metavar, default=spack.config.default_modify_scope(), help="configuration scope to modify")
[docs]def repo_create(args): """Create a new package repository.""" full_path, namespace = spack.repo.create_repo(, args.namespace ) tty.msg("Created repo with namespace '%s'." % namespace) tty.msg("To register it with spack, run this command:", 'spack repo add %s' % full_path)
[docs]def repo_add(args): """Add a package source to Spack's configuration.""" path = args.path # real_path is absolute and handles substitution. canon_path = spack.util.path.canonicalize_path(path) # check if the path exists if not os.path.exists(canon_path): tty.die("No such file or directory: %s" % path) # Make sure the path is a directory. if not os.path.isdir(canon_path): tty.die("Not a Spack repository: %s" % path) # Make sure it's actually a spack repository by constructing it. repo = spack.repo.Repo(canon_path) # If that succeeds, finally add it to the configuration. repos = spack.config.get('repos', scope=args.scope) if not repos: repos = [] if repo.root in repos or path in repos: tty.die("Repository is already registered with Spack: %s" % path) repos.insert(0, canon_path) spack.config.set('repos', repos, args.scope) tty.msg("Added repo with namespace '%s'." % repo.namespace)
[docs]def repo_remove(args): """Remove a repository from Spack's configuration.""" repos = spack.config.get('repos', scope=args.scope) namespace_or_path = args.namespace_or_path # If the argument is a path, remove that repository from config. canon_path = spack.util.path.canonicalize_path(namespace_or_path) for repo_path in repos: repo_canon_path = spack.util.path.canonicalize_path(repo_path) if canon_path == repo_canon_path: repos.remove(repo_path) spack.config.set('repos', repos, args.scope) tty.msg("Removed repository %s" % repo_path) return # If it is a namespace, remove corresponding repo for path in repos: try: repo = spack.repo.Repo(path) if repo.namespace == namespace_or_path: repos.remove(path) spack.config.set('repos', repos, args.scope) tty.msg("Removed repository %s with namespace '%s'." % (repo.root, repo.namespace)) return except spack.repo.RepoError: continue tty.die("No repository with path or namespace: %s" % namespace_or_path)
[docs]def repo_list(args): """Show registered repositories and their namespaces.""" roots = spack.config.get('repos', scope=args.scope) repos = [] for r in roots: try: repos.append(spack.repo.Repo(r)) except spack.repo.RepoError: continue if sys.stdout.isatty(): msg = "%d package repositor" % len(repos) msg += "y." if len(repos) == 1 else "ies." tty.msg(msg) if not repos: return max_ns_len = max(len(r.namespace) for r in repos) for repo in repos: fmt = "%%-%ds%%s" % (max_ns_len + 4) print(fmt % (repo.namespace, repo.root))
[docs]def repo(parser, args): action = {'create': repo_create, 'list': repo_list, 'add': repo_add, 'remove': repo_remove, 'rm': repo_remove} action[args.repo_command](args)