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# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

import sys

from llnl.util.tty.color import colorize

description = "get help on spack and its commands"
section = "help"
level = "short"

# These are longer guides on particular aspects of Spack. Currently there
# is only one on spec syntax.
spec_guide = """\
spec expression syntax:

  package [constraints] [^dependency [constraints] ...]

  package                           any package from 'spack list', or
  @K{/hash}                             unique prefix or full hash of
                                    installed package

      @c{@version}                      single version
      @c{@min:max}                      version range (inclusive)
      @c{@min:}                         version <min> or higher
      @c{@:max}                         up to version <max> (inclusive)

      @g{%compiler}                     build with <compiler>
      @g{%compiler@version}             build with specific compiler version
      @g{%compiler@min:max}             specific version range (see above)

    compiler flags:
      @g{cflags="flags"}                cppflags, cflags, cxxflags,
                                    fflags, ldflags, ldlibs

      @B{+variant}                      enable <variant>
      @r{-variant} or @r{~variant}          disable <variant>
      @B{variant=value}                 set non-boolean <variant> to <value>
      @B{variant=value1,value2,value3}  set multi-value <variant> values

    architecture variants:
      @m{platform=platform}             linux, darwin, cray, etc.
      @m{os=operating_system}           specific <operating_system>
      @m{target=target}                 specific <target> processor
      @m{arch=platform-os-target}       shortcut for all three above

      @m{os=backend} or @m{os=be}           build for compute node (backend)
      @m{os=frontend} or @m{os=fe}          build for login node (frontend)

      ^dependency [constraints]     specify constraints on dependencies
      ^@K{/hash}                        build with a specific installed

      hdf5                          any hdf5 configuration
      hdf5 @c{@1.10.1}                  hdf5 version 1.10.1
      hdf5 @c{@1.8:}                    hdf5 1.8 or higher
      hdf5 @c{@1.8:} @g{%gcc}               hdf5 1.8 or higher built with gcc
      hdf5 @B{+mpi}                     hdf5 with mpi enabled
      hdf5 @r{~mpi}                     hdf5 with mpi disabled
      hdf5 @B{+mpi} ^mpich              hdf5 with mpi, using mpich
      hdf5 @B{+mpi} ^openmpi@c{@1.7}        hdf5 with mpi, using openmpi 1.7
      boxlib @B{dim=2}                  boxlib built for 2 dimensions
      libdwarf @g{%intel} ^libelf@g{%gcc}
          libdwarf, built with intel compiler, linked to libelf built with gcc
      mvapich2 @g{%pgi} @B{fabrics=psm,mrail,sock}
          mvapich2, built with pgi compiler, with support for multiple fabrics

guides = {
    'spec': spec_guide,

[docs]def setup_parser(subparser): help_cmd_group = subparser.add_mutually_exclusive_group() help_cmd_group.add_argument('help_command', nargs='?', default=None, help='command to get help on') help_all_group = subparser.add_mutually_exclusive_group() help_all_group.add_argument( '-a', '--all', action='store_const', const='long', default='short', help='list all available commands and options') help_spec_group = subparser.add_mutually_exclusive_group() help_spec_group.add_argument( '--spec', action='store_const', dest='guide', const='spec', default=None, help='help on the package specification syntax')
[docs]def help(parser, args): if print(colorize(guides[])) return 0 if args.help_command: parser.add_command(args.help_command) parser.parse_args([args.help_command, '-h']) else: sys.stdout.write(parser.format_help(level=args.all))