Source code for spack.cmd.buildcache

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)
import os
import shutil
import sys
import tempfile
import warnings

import llnl.util.tty as tty

import spack.binary_distribution as bindist
import spack.cmd
import spack.cmd.common.arguments as arguments
import spack.config
import spack.environment as ev
import spack.fetch_strategy as fs
import spack.hash_types as ht
import spack.mirror
import spack.relocate
import spack.repo
import spack.spec
import spack.util.crypto
import spack.util.url as url_util
import spack.util.web as web_util
from spack.cmd import display_specs
from spack.error import SpecError
from spack.spec import Spec, save_dependency_specfiles
from spack.stage import Stage
from spack.util.string import plural

description = "create, download and install binary packages"
section = "packaging"
level = "long"

[docs]def setup_parser(subparser): setup_parser.parser = subparser subparsers = subparser.add_subparsers(help='buildcache sub-commands') create = subparsers.add_parser('create', help=create_fn.__doc__) create.add_argument('-r', '--rel', action='store_true', help="make all rpaths relative" + " before creating tarballs.") create.add_argument('-f', '--force', action='store_true', help="overwrite tarball if it exists.") create.add_argument('-u', '--unsigned', action='store_true', help="create unsigned buildcache" + " tarballs for testing") create.add_argument('-a', '--allow-root', action='store_true', help="allow install root string in binary files " + "after RPATH substitution") create.add_argument('-k', '--key', metavar='key', type=str, default=None, help="Key for signing.") output = create.add_mutually_exclusive_group(required=True) output.add_argument('-d', '--directory', metavar='directory', type=str, help="local directory where " + "buildcaches will be written.") output.add_argument('-m', '--mirror-name', metavar='mirror-name', type=str, help="name of the mirror where " + "buildcaches will be written.") output.add_argument('--mirror-url', metavar='mirror-url', type=str, help="URL of the mirror where " + "buildcaches will be written.") create.add_argument('--rebuild-index', action='store_true', default=False, help="Regenerate buildcache index " + "after building package(s)") create.add_argument('--spec-file', default=None, help=('Create buildcache entry for spec from json or ' + 'yaml file')) create.add_argument('--only', default='package,dependencies', dest='things_to_install', choices=['package', 'dependencies'], help=('Select the buildcache mode. the default is to' ' build a cache for the package along with all' ' its dependencies. Alternatively, one can' ' decide to build a cache for only the package' ' or only the dependencies')) arguments.add_common_arguments(create, ['specs']) create.set_defaults(func=create_fn) install = subparsers.add_parser('install', help=install_fn.__doc__) install.add_argument('-f', '--force', action='store_true', help="overwrite install directory if it exists.") install.add_argument('-m', '--multiple', action='store_true', help="allow all matching packages ") install.add_argument('-a', '--allow-root', action='store_true', help="allow install root string in binary files " + "after RPATH substitution") install.add_argument('-u', '--unsigned', action='store_true', help="install unsigned buildcache" + " tarballs for testing") install.add_argument('-o', '--otherarch', action='store_true', help="install specs from other architectures" + " instead of default platform and OS") arguments.add_common_arguments(install, ['specs']) install.set_defaults(func=install_fn) listcache = subparsers.add_parser('list', help=list_fn.__doc__) arguments.add_common_arguments(listcache, ['long', 'very_long']) listcache.add_argument('-v', '--variants', action='store_true', dest='variants', help='show variants in output (can be long)') listcache.add_argument('-a', '--allarch', action='store_true', help="list specs for all available architectures" + " instead of default platform and OS") arguments.add_common_arguments(listcache, ['specs']) listcache.set_defaults(func=list_fn) keys = subparsers.add_parser('keys', help=keys_fn.__doc__) keys.add_argument( '-i', '--install', action='store_true', help="install Keys pulled from mirror") keys.add_argument( '-t', '--trust', action='store_true', help="trust all downloaded keys") keys.add_argument('-f', '--force', action='store_true', help="force new download of keys") keys.set_defaults(func=keys_fn) preview = subparsers.add_parser('preview', help=preview_fn.__doc__) arguments.add_common_arguments(preview, ['installed_specs']) preview.set_defaults(func=preview_fn) # Check if binaries need to be rebuilt on remote mirror check = subparsers.add_parser('check', help=check_fn.__doc__) check.add_argument( '-m', '--mirror-url', default=None, help='Override any configured mirrors with this mirror url') check.add_argument( '-o', '--output-file', default=None, help='File where rebuild info should be written') # used to construct scope arguments below scopes = spack.config.scopes() scopes_metavar = spack.config.scopes_metavar check.add_argument( '--scope', choices=scopes, metavar=scopes_metavar, default=spack.config.default_modify_scope(), help="configuration scope containing mirrors to check") check.add_argument( '-s', '--spec', default=None, help='Check single spec instead of release specs file') check.add_argument( '--spec-file', default=None, help=('Check single spec from json or yaml file instead of release ' + 'specs file')) check.set_defaults(func=check_fn) # Download tarball and specfile download = subparsers.add_parser('download', help=download_fn.__doc__) download.add_argument( '-s', '--spec', default=None, help="Download built tarball for spec from mirror") download.add_argument( '--spec-file', default=None, help=("Download built tarball for spec (from json or yaml file) " + "from mirror")) download.add_argument( '-p', '--path', default=None, help="Path to directory where tarball should be downloaded") download.set_defaults(func=download_fn) # Get buildcache name getbuildcachename = subparsers.add_parser('get-buildcache-name', help=get_buildcache_name_fn.__doc__) getbuildcachename.add_argument( '-s', '--spec', default=None, help='Spec string for which buildcache name is desired') getbuildcachename.add_argument( '--spec-file', default=None, help=('Path to spec json or yaml file for which buildcache name is ' + 'desired')) getbuildcachename.set_defaults(func=get_buildcache_name_fn) # Given the root spec, save the yaml of the dependent spec to a file savespecfile = subparsers.add_parser('save-specfile', help=save_specfile_fn.__doc__) savespecfile.add_argument( '--root-spec', default=None, help='Root spec of dependent spec') savespecfile.add_argument( '--root-specfile', default=None, help='Path to json or yaml file containing root spec of dependent spec') savespecfile.add_argument( '-s', '--specs', default=None, help='List of dependent specs for which saved yaml is desired') savespecfile.add_argument( '--specfile-dir', default=None, help='Path to directory where spec yamls should be saved') savespecfile.set_defaults(func=save_specfile_fn) # Copy buildcache from some directory to another mirror url copy = subparsers.add_parser('copy', help=copy_fn.__doc__) copy.add_argument( '--base-dir', default=None, help='Path to mirror directory (root of existing buildcache)') copy.add_argument( '--spec-file', default=None, help=('Path to spec json or yaml file representing buildcache entry to' + ' copy')) copy.add_argument( '--destination-url', default=None, help='Destination mirror url') copy.set_defaults(func=copy_fn) # Sync buildcache entries from one mirror to another sync = subparsers.add_parser('sync', help=sync_fn.__doc__) source = sync.add_mutually_exclusive_group(required=True) source.add_argument('--src-directory', metavar='DIRECTORY', type=str, help="Source mirror as a local file path") source.add_argument('--src-mirror-name', metavar='MIRROR_NAME', type=str, help="Name of the source mirror") source.add_argument('--src-mirror-url', metavar='MIRROR_URL', type=str, help="URL of the source mirror") dest = sync.add_mutually_exclusive_group(required=True) dest.add_argument('--dest-directory', metavar='DIRECTORY', type=str, help="Destination mirror as a local file path") dest.add_argument('--dest-mirror-name', metavar='MIRROR_NAME', type=str, help="Name of the destination mirror") dest.add_argument('--dest-mirror-url', metavar='MIRROR_URL', type=str, help="URL of the destination mirror") sync.set_defaults(func=sync_fn) # Update buildcache index without copying any additional packages update_index = subparsers.add_parser( 'update-index', help=update_index_fn.__doc__) update_index.add_argument( '-d', '--mirror-url', default=None, help='Destination mirror url') update_index.add_argument( '-k', '--keys', default=False, action='store_true', help='If provided, key index will be updated as well as package index') update_index.set_defaults(func=update_index_fn)
def _matching_specs(args): """Return a list of matching specs read from either a spec file (JSON or YAML), a query over the store or a query over the active environment. """ env = ev.active_environment() hashes = env.all_hashes() if env else None if args.spec_file: return, hashes=hashes) if args.specs: constraints = spack.cmd.parse_specs(args.specs) return, hashes=hashes) if env: return [env.specs_by_hash[h] for h in env.concretized_order] tty.die("build cache file creation requires at least one" + " installed package spec, an active environment," + " or else a path to a json or yaml file containing a spec" + " to install") def _concrete_spec_from_args(args): spec_str, specfile_path = args.spec, args.spec_file if not spec_str and not specfile_path: tty.error('must provide either spec string or path to YAML or JSON specfile') sys.exit(1) if spec_str: try: constraints = spack.cmd.parse_specs(spec_str) spec =[0] spec.concretize() except SpecError as spec_error: tty.error('Unable to concretize spec {0}'.format(spec_str)) tty.debug(spec_error) sys.exit(1) return spec return Spec.from_specfile(specfile_path)
[docs]def create_fn(args): """create a binary package and push it to a mirror""" if push_url = spack.mirror.push_url_from_directory( if args.mirror_name: push_url = spack.mirror.push_url_from_mirror_name(args.mirror_name) if args.mirror_url: push_url = spack.mirror.push_url_from_mirror_url(args.mirror_url) matches = _matching_specs(args) msg = 'Pushing binary packages to {0}/build_cache'.format(push_url) tty.msg(msg) specs_kwargs = { 'include_root': 'package' in args.things_to_install, 'include_dependencies': 'dependencies' in args.things_to_install } kwargs = { 'key': args.key, 'force': args.force, 'relative': args.rel, 'unsigned': args.unsigned, 'allow_root': args.allow_root, 'regenerate_index': args.rebuild_index } bindist.push(matches, push_url, specs_kwargs, **kwargs)
[docs]def install_fn(args): """install from a binary package""" if not args.specs: tty.die("a spec argument is required to install from a buildcache") query = bindist.BinaryCacheQuery(all_architectures=args.otherarch) matches =, multiple=args.multiple, query_fn=query) for match in matches: bindist.install_single_spec( match, allow_root=args.allow_root, unsigned=args.unsigned, force=args.force )
[docs]def list_fn(args): """list binary packages available from mirrors""" try: specs = bindist.update_cache_and_get_specs() except bindist.FetchCacheError as e: tty.die(e) if not args.allarch: arch = spack.spec.Spec.default_arch() specs = [s for s in specs if s.satisfies(arch)] if args.specs: constraints = set(args.specs) specs = [s for s in specs if any(s.satisfies(c) for c in constraints)] if sys.stdout.isatty(): builds = len(specs) tty.msg("%s." % plural(builds, 'cached build')) if not builds and not args.allarch: tty.msg("You can query all available architectures with:", "spack buildcache list --allarch") display_specs(specs, args, all_headers=True)
[docs]def keys_fn(args): """get public keys available on mirrors""" bindist.get_keys(args.install,, args.force)
[docs]def preview_fn(args): """analyze an installed spec and reports whether executables and libraries are relocatable """ constraints = spack.cmd.parse_specs(args.specs) specs =, multiple=True) # Cycle over the specs that match for spec in specs: print("Relocatable nodes") print("--------------------------------") print(spec.tree(status_fn=spack.relocate.is_relocatable))
[docs]def check_fn(args): """Check specs (either a single spec from --spec, or else the full set of release specs) against remote binary mirror(s) to see if any need to be rebuilt. This command uses the process exit code to indicate its result, specifically, if the exit code is non-zero, then at least one of the indicated specs needs to be rebuilt. """ if args.spec or args.spec_file: specs = [_concrete_spec_from_args(args)] else: env = spack.cmd.require_active_env(cmd_name='buildcache') env.concretize() specs = env.all_specs() if not specs: tty.msg('No specs provided, exiting.') sys.exit(0) for spec in specs: spec.concretize() # Next see if there are any configured binary mirrors configured_mirrors = spack.config.get('mirrors', scope=args.scope) if args.mirror_url: configured_mirrors = {'additionalMirrorUrl': args.mirror_url} if not configured_mirrors: tty.msg('No mirrors provided, exiting.') sys.exit(0) sys.exit(bindist.check_specs_against_mirrors( configured_mirrors, specs, args.output_file))
[docs]def download_fn(args): """Download buildcache entry from a remote mirror to local folder. This command uses the process exit code to indicate its result, specifically, a non-zero exit code indicates that the command failed to download at least one of the required buildcache components.""" if not args.spec and not args.spec_file: tty.msg('No specs provided, exiting.') sys.exit(0) if not args.path: tty.msg('No download path provided, exiting') sys.exit(0) spec = _concrete_spec_from_args(args) result = bindist.download_single_spec(spec, args.path) if not result: sys.exit(1)
[docs]def get_buildcache_name_fn(args): """Get name (prefix) of buildcache entries for this spec""" spec = _concrete_spec_from_args(args) buildcache_name = bindist.tarball_name(spec, '') print('{0}'.format(buildcache_name))
[docs]def save_specfile_fn(args): """Get full spec for dependencies, relative to root spec, and write them to files in the specified output directory. Uses exit code to signal success or failure. An exit code of zero means the command was likely successful. If any errors or exceptions are encountered, or if expected command-line arguments are not provided, then the exit code will be non-zero. """ if not args.root_spec and not args.root_specfile: tty.msg('No root spec provided, exiting.') sys.exit(1) if not args.specs: tty.msg('No dependent specs provided, exiting.') sys.exit(1) if not args.specfile_dir: tty.msg('No yaml directory provided, exiting.') sys.exit(1) if args.root_specfile: with open(args.root_specfile) as fd: root_spec_as_json = spec_format = 'yaml' if args.root_specfile.endswith('yaml') else 'json' else: root_spec = Spec(args.root_spec) root_spec.concretize() root_spec_as_json = root_spec.to_json(hash=ht.dag_hash) spec_format = 'json' save_dependency_specfiles( root_spec_as_json, args.specfile_dir, args.specs.split(), spec_format) sys.exit(0)
[docs]def copy_fn(args): """Copy a buildcache entry and all its files from one mirror, given as '--base-dir', to some other mirror, specified as '--destination-url'. The specific buildcache entry to be copied from one location to the other is identified using the '--spec-file' argument.""" # TODO: Remove after v0.18.0 release msg = ('"spack buildcache copy" is deprecated and will be removed from ' 'Spack starting in v0.19.0') warnings.warn(msg) if not args.spec_file: tty.msg('No spec yaml provided, exiting.') sys.exit(1) if not args.base_dir: tty.msg('No base directory provided, exiting.') sys.exit(1) if not args.destination_url: tty.msg('No destination mirror url provided, exiting.') sys.exit(1) dest_url = args.destination_url if dest_url[0:7] != 'file://' and dest_url[0] != '/': tty.msg('Only urls beginning with "file://" or "/" are supported ' + 'by buildcache copy.') sys.exit(1) try: with open(args.spec_file, 'r') as fd: spec = Spec.from_yaml( except Exception as e: tty.debug(e) tty.error('Unable to concrectize spec from yaml {0}'.format( args.spec_file)) sys.exit(1) dest_root_path = dest_url if dest_url[0:7] == 'file://': dest_root_path = dest_url[7:] build_cache_dir = bindist.build_cache_relative_path() tarball_rel_path = os.path.join( build_cache_dir, bindist.tarball_path_name(spec, '.spack')) tarball_src_path = os.path.join(args.base_dir, tarball_rel_path) tarball_dest_path = os.path.join(dest_root_path, tarball_rel_path) specfile_rel_path = os.path.join( build_cache_dir, bindist.tarball_name(spec, '.spec.json')) specfile_src_path = os.path.join(args.base_dir, specfile_rel_path) specfile_dest_path = os.path.join(dest_root_path, specfile_rel_path) specfile_rel_path_yaml = os.path.join( build_cache_dir, bindist.tarball_name(spec, '.spec.yaml')) specfile_src_path_yaml = os.path.join(args.base_dir, specfile_rel_path) specfile_dest_path_yaml = os.path.join(dest_root_path, specfile_rel_path) # Make sure directory structure exists before attempting to copy os.makedirs(os.path.dirname(tarball_dest_path)) # Now copy the specfile and tarball files to the destination mirror tty.msg('Copying {0}'.format(tarball_rel_path)) shutil.copyfile(tarball_src_path, tarball_dest_path) tty.msg('Copying {0}'.format(specfile_rel_path)) shutil.copyfile(specfile_src_path, specfile_dest_path) tty.msg('Copying {0}'.format(specfile_rel_path_yaml)) shutil.copyfile(specfile_src_path_yaml, specfile_dest_path_yaml)
[docs]def sync_fn(args): """ Syncs binaries (and associated metadata) from one mirror to another. Requires an active environment in order to know which specs to sync. Args: src (str): Source mirror URL dest (str): Destination mirror URL """ # Figure out the source mirror source_location = None if args.src_directory: source_location = args.src_directory scheme = url_util.parse(source_location, scheme='<missing>').scheme if scheme != '<missing>': raise ValueError( '"--src-directory" expected a local path; got a URL, instead') # Ensure that the mirror lookup does not mistake this for named mirror source_location = 'file://' + source_location elif args.src_mirror_name: source_location = args.src_mirror_name result = spack.mirror.MirrorCollection().lookup(source_location) if == "<unnamed>": raise ValueError( 'no configured mirror named "{name}"'.format( name=source_location)) elif args.src_mirror_url: source_location = args.src_mirror_url scheme = url_util.parse(source_location, scheme='<missing>').scheme if scheme == '<missing>': raise ValueError( '"{url}" is not a valid URL'.format(url=source_location)) src_mirror = spack.mirror.MirrorCollection().lookup(source_location) src_mirror_url = url_util.format(src_mirror.fetch_url) # Figure out the destination mirror dest_location = None if args.dest_directory: dest_location = args.dest_directory scheme = url_util.parse(dest_location, scheme='<missing>').scheme if scheme != '<missing>': raise ValueError( '"--dest-directory" expected a local path; got a URL, instead') # Ensure that the mirror lookup does not mistake this for named mirror dest_location = 'file://' + dest_location elif args.dest_mirror_name: dest_location = args.dest_mirror_name result = spack.mirror.MirrorCollection().lookup(dest_location) if == "<unnamed>": raise ValueError( 'no configured mirror named "{name}"'.format( name=dest_location)) elif args.dest_mirror_url: dest_location = args.dest_mirror_url scheme = url_util.parse(dest_location, scheme='<missing>').scheme if scheme == '<missing>': raise ValueError( '"{url}" is not a valid URL'.format(url=dest_location)) dest_mirror = spack.mirror.MirrorCollection().lookup(dest_location) dest_mirror_url = url_util.format(dest_mirror.fetch_url) # Get the active environment env = spack.cmd.require_active_env(cmd_name='buildcache sync') tty.msg('Syncing environment buildcache files from {0} to {1}'.format( src_mirror_url, dest_mirror_url)) build_cache_dir = bindist.build_cache_relative_path() buildcache_rel_paths = [] tty.debug('Syncing the following specs:') for s in env.all_specs(): tty.debug(' {0}{1}: {2}'.format( '* ' if s in env.roots() else ' ',, s.dag_hash())) buildcache_rel_paths.extend([ os.path.join( build_cache_dir, bindist.tarball_path_name(s, '.spack')), os.path.join( build_cache_dir, bindist.tarball_name(s, '.spec.yaml')), os.path.join( build_cache_dir, bindist.tarball_name(s, '.spec.json')), ]) tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp() try: for rel_path in buildcache_rel_paths: src_url = url_util.join(src_mirror_url, rel_path) local_path = os.path.join(tmpdir, rel_path) dest_url = url_util.join(dest_mirror_url, rel_path) tty.debug('Copying {0} to {1} via {2}'.format( src_url, dest_url, local_path)) stage = Stage(src_url, name="temporary_file", path=os.path.dirname(local_path), keep=True) try: stage.create() stage.fetch() web_util.push_to_url( local_path, dest_url, keep_original=True) except fs.FetchError as e: tty.debug('spack buildcache unable to sync {0}'.format(rel_path)) tty.debug(e) finally: stage.destroy() finally: shutil.rmtree(tmpdir)
[docs]def update_index(mirror_url, update_keys=False): mirror = spack.mirror.MirrorCollection().lookup(mirror_url) outdir = url_util.format(mirror.push_url) bindist.generate_package_index( url_util.join(outdir, bindist.build_cache_relative_path())) if update_keys: keys_url = url_util.join(outdir, bindist.build_cache_relative_path(), bindist.build_cache_keys_relative_path()) bindist.generate_key_index(keys_url)
[docs]def update_index_fn(args): """Update a buildcache index.""" outdir = 'file://.' if args.mirror_url: outdir = args.mirror_url update_index(outdir, update_keys=args.keys)
[docs]def buildcache(parser, args): if args.func: args.func(args)