Source code for spack.build_systems.ruby

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

import glob
import inspect

from spack.directives import extends
from spack.package import PackageBase, run_after

[docs]class RubyPackage(PackageBase): """Specialized class for building Ruby gems. This class provides two phases that can be overridden if required: #. :py:meth:`` #. :py:meth:`~.RubyPackage.install` """ maintainers = ['Kerilk'] #: Phases of a Ruby package phases = ['build', 'install'] #: This attribute is used in UI queries that need to know the build #: system base class build_system_class = 'RubyPackage' extends('ruby')
[docs] def build(self, spec, prefix): """Build a Ruby gem.""" # ruby-rake provides both rake.gemspec and Rakefile, but only # rake.gemspec can be built without an existing rake installation gemspecs = glob.glob('*.gemspec') rakefiles = glob.glob('Rakefile') if gemspecs: inspect.getmodule(self).gem('build', '--norc', gemspecs[0]) elif rakefiles: jobs = inspect.getmodule(self).make_jobs inspect.getmodule(self).rake('package', '-j{0}'.format(jobs)) else: # Some Ruby packages only ship `*.gem` files, so nothing to build pass
[docs] def install(self, spec, prefix): """Install a Ruby gem. The ruby package sets ``GEM_HOME`` to tell gem where to install to.""" gems = glob.glob('*.gem') if gems: # if --install-dir is not used, GEM_PATH is deleted from the # environement, and Gems required to build native extensions will # not be found. Those extensions are built during `gem install`. inspect.getmodule(self).gem( 'install', '--norc', '--ignore-dependencies', '--install-dir', prefix, gems[0])
# Check that self.prefix is there after installation run_after('install')(PackageBase.sanity_check_prefix)