Source code for spack.build_systems.python

# Copyright 2013-2022 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)
import inspect
import os
import re
import shutil

import llnl.util.tty as tty
from llnl.util.filesystem import (
from llnl.util.lang import match_predicate

from spack.directives import depends_on, extends
from spack.package import PackageBase, run_after

[docs]class PythonPackage(PackageBase): """Specialized class for packages that are built using pip.""" #: Package name, version, and extension on PyPI pypi = None maintainers = ['adamjstewart'] # Default phases phases = ['install'] # To be used in UI queries that require to know which # build-system class we are using build_system_class = 'PythonPackage' #: Callback names for install-time test install_time_test_callbacks = ['test'] extends('python') depends_on('py-pip', type='build') # FIXME: technically wheel is only needed when building from source, not when # installing a downloaded wheel, but I don't want to add wheel as a dep to every # package manually depends_on('py-wheel', type='build') py_namespace = None @staticmethod def _std_args(cls): return [ # Verbose '-vvv', # Disable prompting for input '--no-input', # Disable the cache '--no-cache-dir', # Don't check to see if pip is up-to-date '--disable-pip-version-check', # Install packages 'install', # Don't install package dependencies '--no-deps', # Overwrite existing packages '--ignore-installed', # Use env vars like PYTHONPATH '--no-build-isolation', # Don't warn that prefix.bin is not in PATH '--no-warn-script-location', # Ignore the PyPI package index '--no-index', ] @property def homepage(self): if self.pypi: name = self.pypi.split('/')[0] return '' + name + '/' @property def url(self): if self.pypi: return ( '' + self.pypi[0] + '/' + self.pypi ) @property def list_url(self): if self.pypi: name = self.pypi.split('/')[0] return '' + name + '/' @property def import_modules(self): """Names of modules that the Python package provides. These are used to test whether or not the installation succeeded. These names generally come from running: .. code-block:: python >> import setuptools >> setuptools.find_packages() in the source tarball directory. If the module names are incorrectly detected, this property can be overridden by the package. Returns: list: list of strings of module names """ modules = [] pkg = self.spec['python'].package # Packages may be installed in platform-specific or platform-independent # site-packages directories for directory in {pkg.platlib, pkg.purelib}: root = os.path.join(self.prefix, directory) # Some Python libraries are packages: collections of modules # distributed in directories containing files for path in find(root, '', recursive=True): modules.append(path.replace(root + os.sep, '', 1).replace( os.sep + '', '').replace('/', '.')) # Some Python libraries are modules: individual *.py files # found in the site-packages directory for path in find(root, '*.py', recursive=False): modules.append(path.replace(root + os.sep, '', 1).replace( '.py', '').replace('/', '.')) modules = [mod for mod in modules if re.match('[a-zA-Z0-9._]+$', mod)] tty.debug('Detected the following modules: {0}'.format(modules)) return modules @property def build_directory(self): """The root directory of the Python package. This is usually the directory containing one of the following files: * ``pyproject.toml`` * ``setup.cfg`` * ```` """ return self.stage.source_path
[docs] def install_options(self, spec, prefix): """Extra arguments to be supplied to the install command.""" return []
[docs] def global_options(self, spec, prefix): """Extra global options to be supplied to the call before the install or bdist_wheel command.""" return []
[docs] def install(self, spec, prefix): """Install everything from build directory.""" args = PythonPackage._std_args(self) + ['--prefix=' + prefix] for option in self.install_options(spec, prefix): args.append('--install-option=' + option) for option in self.global_options(spec, prefix): args.append('--global-option=' + option) if self.stage.archive_file and self.stage.archive_file.endswith('.whl'): args.append(self.stage.archive_file) else: args.append('.') pip = inspect.getmodule(self).pip with working_dir(self.build_directory): pip(*args)
# Testing
[docs] def test(self): """Attempts to import modules of the installed package.""" # Make sure we are importing the installed modules, # not the ones in the source directory for module in self.import_modules: self.run_test(inspect.getmodule(self).python.path, ['-c', 'import {0}'.format(module)], purpose='checking import of {0}'.format(module), work_dir='spack-test')
run_after('install')(PackageBase._run_default_install_time_test_callbacks) # Check that self.prefix is there after installation run_after('install')(PackageBase.sanity_check_prefix)
[docs] def view_file_conflicts(self, view, merge_map): """Report all file conflicts, excepting special cases for python. Specifically, this does not report errors for duplicate files for packages in the same namespace. """ conflicts = list(dst for src, dst in merge_map.items() if os.path.exists(dst)) if conflicts and self.py_namespace: ext_map = view.extensions_layout.extension_map(self.extendee_spec) namespaces = set( x.package.py_namespace for x in ext_map.values()) namespace_re = ( r'site-packages/{0}/'.format(self.py_namespace)) find_namespace = match_predicate(namespace_re) if self.py_namespace in namespaces: conflicts = list( x for x in conflicts if not find_namespace(x)) return conflicts
[docs] def add_files_to_view(self, view, merge_map, skip_if_exists=True): bin_dir = self.spec.prefix.bin python_prefix = self.extendee_spec.prefix python_is_external = self.extendee_spec.external global_view = same_path(python_prefix, view.get_projection_for_spec( self.spec )) for src, dst in merge_map.items(): if os.path.exists(dst): continue elif global_view or not path_contains_subdirectory(src, bin_dir):, dst) elif not os.path.islink(src): shutil.copy2(src, dst) is_script = is_nonsymlink_exe_with_shebang(src) if is_script and not python_is_external: filter_file( python_prefix, os.path.abspath( view.get_projection_for_spec(self.spec)), dst ) else: orig_link_target = os.path.realpath(src) new_link_target = os.path.abspath(merge_map[orig_link_target]), dst)
[docs] def remove_files_from_view(self, view, merge_map): ignore_namespace = False if self.py_namespace: ext_map = view.extensions_layout.extension_map(self.extendee_spec) remaining_namespaces = set( spec.package.py_namespace for name, spec in ext_map.items() if name != if self.py_namespace in remaining_namespaces: namespace_init = match_predicate( r'site-packages/{0}/'.format(self.py_namespace)) ignore_namespace = True bin_dir = self.spec.prefix.bin global_view = ( self.extendee_spec.prefix == view.get_projection_for_spec( self.spec ) ) to_remove = [] for src, dst in merge_map.items(): if ignore_namespace and namespace_init(dst): continue if global_view or not path_contains_subdirectory(src, bin_dir): to_remove.append(dst) else: os.remove(dst) view.remove_files(to_remove)