Source code for spack.cmd.mirror

# Copyright 2013-2021 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

import sys

import llnl.util.tty as tty
from llnl.util.tty.colify import colify

import spack.cmd
import spack.cmd.common.arguments as arguments
import spack.concretize
import spack.config
import spack.environment as ev
import spack.mirror
import spack.repo
import spack.util.url as url_util
import spack.util.web as web_util
from spack.error import SpackError
from spack.spec import Spec
from spack.util.spack_yaml import syaml_dict

description = "manage mirrors (source and binary)"
section = "config"
level = "long"

[docs]def setup_parser(subparser): arguments.add_common_arguments(subparser, ['no_checksum', 'deprecated']) sp = subparser.add_subparsers( metavar='SUBCOMMAND', dest='mirror_command') # Create create_parser = sp.add_parser('create', help=mirror_create.__doc__) create_parser.add_argument('-d', '--directory', default=None, help="directory in which to create mirror") create_parser.add_argument( '-a', '--all', action='store_true', help="mirror all versions of all packages in Spack, or all packages" " in the current environment if there is an active environment" " (this requires significant time and space)") create_parser.add_argument( '-f', '--file', help="file with specs of packages to put in mirror") create_parser.add_argument( '--exclude-file', help="specs which Spack should not try to add to a mirror" " (listed in a file, one per line)") create_parser.add_argument( '--exclude-specs', help="specs which Spack should not try to add to a mirror" " (specified on command line)") create_parser.add_argument( '--skip-unstable-versions', action='store_true', help="don't cache versions unless they identify a stable (unchanging)" " source code") create_parser.add_argument( '-D', '--dependencies', action='store_true', help="also fetch all dependencies") create_parser.add_argument( '-n', '--versions-per-spec', help="the number of versions to fetch for each spec, choose 'all' to" " retrieve all versions of each package") arguments.add_common_arguments(create_parser, ['specs']) # Destroy destroy_parser = sp.add_parser('destroy', help=mirror_destroy.__doc__) destroy_target = destroy_parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group(required=True) destroy_target.add_argument('-m', '--mirror-name', metavar='mirror_name', type=str, help="find mirror to destroy by name") destroy_target.add_argument('--mirror-url', metavar='mirror_url', type=str, help="find mirror to destroy by url") # used to construct scope arguments below scopes = spack.config.scopes() scopes_metavar = spack.config.scopes_metavar # Add add_parser = sp.add_parser('add', help=mirror_add.__doc__) add_parser.add_argument( 'name', help="mnemonic name for mirror", metavar="mirror") add_parser.add_argument( 'url', help="url of mirror directory from 'spack mirror create'") add_parser.add_argument( '--scope', choices=scopes, metavar=scopes_metavar, default=spack.config.default_modify_scope(), help="configuration scope to modify") # Remove remove_parser = sp.add_parser('remove', aliases=['rm'], help=mirror_remove.__doc__) remove_parser.add_argument( 'name', help="mnemonic name for mirror", metavar="mirror") remove_parser.add_argument( '--scope', choices=scopes, metavar=scopes_metavar, default=spack.config.default_modify_scope(), help="configuration scope to modify") # Set-Url set_url_parser = sp.add_parser('set-url', help=mirror_set_url.__doc__) set_url_parser.add_argument( 'name', help="mnemonic name for mirror", metavar="mirror") set_url_parser.add_argument( 'url', help="url of mirror directory from 'spack mirror create'") set_url_parser.add_argument( '--push', action='store_true', help="set only the URL used for uploading new packages") set_url_parser.add_argument( '--scope', choices=scopes, metavar=scopes_metavar, default=spack.config.default_modify_scope(), help="configuration scope to modify") # List list_parser = sp.add_parser('list', help=mirror_list.__doc__) list_parser.add_argument( '--scope', choices=scopes, metavar=scopes_metavar, default=spack.config.default_list_scope(), help="configuration scope to read from")
[docs]def mirror_add(args): """Add a mirror to Spack.""" url = url_util.format(args.url) spack.mirror.add(, url, args.scope)
[docs]def mirror_remove(args): """Remove a mirror by name.""" spack.mirror.remove(, args.scope)
[docs]def mirror_set_url(args): """Change the URL of a mirror.""" url = url_util.format(args.url) mirrors = spack.config.get('mirrors', scope=args.scope) if not mirrors: mirrors = syaml_dict() if not in mirrors: tty.die("No mirror found with name %s." % entry = mirrors[] try: fetch_url = entry['fetch'] push_url = entry['push'] except TypeError: fetch_url, push_url = entry, entry changes_made = False if args.push: changes_made = changes_made or push_url != url push_url = url else: changes_made = ( changes_made or fetch_url != push_url or push_url != url) fetch_url, push_url = url, url items = [ ( (n, u) if n != else ( (n, {"fetch": fetch_url, "push": push_url}) if fetch_url != push_url else (n, fetch_url) ) ) for n, u in mirrors.items() ] mirrors = syaml_dict(items) spack.config.set('mirrors', mirrors, scope=args.scope) if changes_made: tty.msg( "Changed%s url for mirror %s." % ((" (push)" if args.push else ""), else: tty.msg("Url already set for mirror %s." %
[docs]def mirror_list(args): """Print out available mirrors to the console.""" mirrors = spack.mirror.MirrorCollection(scope=args.scope) if not mirrors: tty.msg("No mirrors configured.") return mirrors.display()
def _read_specs_from_file(filename): specs = [] with open(filename, "r") as stream: for i, string in enumerate(stream): try: s = Spec(string) s.package specs.append(s) except SpackError as e: tty.debug(e) tty.die("Parse error in %s, line %d:" % (filename, i + 1), ">>> " + string, str(e)) return specs def _determine_specs_to_mirror(args): if args.specs and args.all: raise SpackError("Cannot specify specs on command line if you" " chose to mirror all specs with '--all'") elif args.file and args.all: raise SpackError("Cannot specify specs with a file ('-f') if you" " chose to mirror all specs with '--all'") if not args.versions_per_spec: num_versions = 1 elif args.versions_per_spec == 'all': num_versions = 'all' else: try: num_versions = int(args.versions_per_spec) except ValueError: raise SpackError( "'--versions-per-spec' must be a number or 'all'," " got '{0}'".format(args.versions_per_spec)) # try to parse specs from the command line first. with spack.concretize.disable_compiler_existence_check(): specs = spack.cmd.parse_specs(args.specs, concretize=True) # If there is a file, parse each line as a spec and add it to the list. if args.file: if specs: tty.die("Cannot pass specs on the command line with --file.") specs = _read_specs_from_file(args.file) env_specs = None if not specs: # If nothing is passed, use environment or all if no active env if not args.all: tty.die("No packages were specified.", "To mirror all packages, use the '--all' option" " (this will require significant time and space).") env = ev.active_environment() if env: env_specs = env.all_specs() else: specs = [Spec(n) for n in spack.repo.all_package_names()] else: # If the user asked for dependencies, traverse spec DAG get them. if args.dependencies: new_specs = set() for spec in specs: spec.concretize() for s in spec.traverse(): new_specs.add(s) specs = list(new_specs) # Skip external specs, as they are already installed external_specs = [s for s in specs if s.external] specs = [s for s in specs if not s.external] for spec in external_specs: msg = 'Skipping {0} as it is an external spec.' tty.msg(msg.format(spec.cshort_spec)) if env_specs: if args.versions_per_spec: tty.warn("Ignoring '--versions-per-spec' for mirroring specs" " in environment.") mirror_specs = env_specs else: if num_versions == 'all': mirror_specs = spack.mirror.get_all_versions(specs) else: mirror_specs = spack.mirror.get_matching_versions( specs, num_versions=num_versions) mirror_specs.sort( key=lambda s: (, s.version)) exclude_specs = [] if args.exclude_file: exclude_specs.extend(_read_specs_from_file(args.exclude_file)) if args.exclude_specs: exclude_specs.extend( spack.cmd.parse_specs(str(args.exclude_specs).split())) if exclude_specs: mirror_specs = list( x for x in mirror_specs if not any(x.satisfies(y, strict=True) for y in exclude_specs)) return mirror_specs
[docs]def mirror_create(args): """Create a directory to be used as a spack mirror, and fill it with package archives.""" mirror_specs = _determine_specs_to_mirror(args) mirror = spack.mirror.Mirror( or spack.config.get('config:source_cache')) directory = url_util.format(mirror.push_url) existed = web_util.url_exists(directory) # Actually do the work to create the mirror present, mirrored, error = spack.mirror.create( directory, mirror_specs, args.skip_unstable_versions) p, m, e = len(present), len(mirrored), len(error) verb = "updated" if existed else "created" tty.msg( "Successfully %s mirror in %s" % (verb, directory), "Archive stats:", " %-4d already present" % p, " %-4d added" % m, " %-4d failed to fetch." % e) if error: tty.error("Failed downloads:") colify(s.cformat("{name}{@version}") for s in error) sys.exit(1)
[docs]def mirror_destroy(args): """Given a url, recursively delete everything under it.""" mirror_url = None if args.mirror_name: result = spack.mirror.MirrorCollection().lookup(args.mirror_name) mirror_url = result.push_url elif args.mirror_url: mirror_url = args.mirror_url web_util.remove_url(mirror_url, recursive=True)
[docs]def mirror(parser, args): action = {'create': mirror_create, 'destroy': mirror_destroy, 'add': mirror_add, 'remove': mirror_remove, 'rm': mirror_remove, 'set-url': mirror_set_url, 'list': mirror_list} if args.no_checksum: spack.config.set('config:checksum', False, scope='command_line') if args.deprecated: spack.config.set('config:deprecated', True, scope='command_line') action[args.mirror_command](args)