Source code for spack.build_systems.aspell_dict

# Copyright 2013-2023 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)
import llnl.util.filesystem as fs

import spack.directives
import spack.package_base
import spack.util.executable

from .autotools import AutotoolsBuilder, AutotoolsPackage

[docs]class AspellBuilder(AutotoolsBuilder): """The Aspell builder is close enough to an autotools builder to allow specializing the builder class, so to use variables that are specific to the Aspell extensions. """
[docs] def configure(self, pkg, spec, prefix): aspell = spec["aspell"].prefix.bin.aspell prezip = spec["aspell"].prefix.bin.prezip destdir = prefix sh = spack.util.executable.which("sh") sh( "./configure", "--vars", "ASPELL={0}".format(aspell), "PREZIP={0}".format(prezip), "DESTDIR={0}".format(destdir), )
# Aspell dictionaries install their bits into their prefix.lib # and when activated they'll get symlinked into the appropriate aspell's # dict dir (see aspell's {de,}activate methods). # # They aren't really an Autotools package, but it's close enough # that this works if we override configure().
[docs]class AspellDictPackage(AutotoolsPackage): """Specialized class for building aspell dictionairies.""" spack.directives.extends("aspell", when="build_system=autotools") #: Override the default autotools builder AutotoolsBuilder = AspellBuilder
[docs] def view_destination(self, view): aspell_spec = self.spec["aspell"] if view.get_projection_for_spec(aspell_spec) != aspell_spec.prefix: raise spack.package_base.ExtensionError( "aspell does not support non-global extensions" ) aspell = aspell_spec.command return aspell("dump", "config", "dict-dir", output=str).strip()
[docs] def view_source(self): return self.prefix.lib
[docs] def patch(self): fs.filter_file(r"^dictdir=.*$", "dictdir=/lib", "configure") fs.filter_file(r"^datadir=.*$", "datadir=/lib", "configure")